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Mark Langohr
2016-01-14 14:10:56
Doordat ik na lange tijd weer in contact kwam met Verony en ook kennis leerde maken met haar ziekte, werd ik op Dizzy Me geattendeerd. Ik ben zelf geen "patient" maar heb wel in een vergelijkbaar schuitje gezeten. Voor mij geeft het boek een goed idee van het proces wat een Patient moet doorlopen alsmede een wetenschappelijk beeld. Verplichte kost voor een ieder die met deze ziekte te maken heeft.
Josh Pachter
2016-01-11 12:25:37
I'm an American who lived in Amsterdam 30 years ago and learned enough Dutch that I've been able to make a living as a translator. I'd never heard of BPPV or Meniere's disease until I was hired last year to translate Tania Stadsbader's portion of DIZZY ME. Over the several months I devoted to the project, I really felt like I came to know and admire Tania. Her story is fascinating, and her determination to battle her dizziness to an ultimate victory is truly heartwarming. I can see that this book can be of considerable help to those suffering from dizziness in its various forms. If Floris Wuydts' contribution is presented as effectively as Tania's, it should be a valuable resource for doctors, too!
Iris Verraest
2016-01-09 13:55:23
13 jaar geleden werd ik duizelig wakker en zelfs met gesloten ogen voelde ik de wereld rondtollen. 8 maanden heeft het geduurd eer ik een arts vond die mijn aandoening ernstig nam en mij vertelde dat 'overgevoeligheid aan lawaai' hyperacusis heet.
Dizzy me en het gelijknamige boek hebben me uiteindelijk inzicht verschaft in mijn duizelige wereld.
Het boek is een houvast voor patiënten en leert artsen om zich bij te scholen... verplichte literatuur voor iedereen die vertigo ernstig neemt!
Tania Stadsbader
2015-11-25 20:03:30
For Josh Pachter
My review for the English Dizzy Me
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Dizzy Me, een
Nederlandstalig boek over evenwichtsstoornissen, krijgt binnenkort een Engelse editie! Dit wetenschappelijk - maar tegelijkertijd ook in romanstijl geschreven - boek reikt dokters en patiënten alle up-to-date en wetenschappelijk gevalideerde kennis aan, in een taal die iedereen begrijpt.

De grootste uitdaging? Dat was een vertaler/schrijver strikken die van wanten weet, als het gaat om zware medische materie, maar die tegelijk ook de schwung heeft van een volleerde fictie auteur... Die over het talent beschikt om ook twee totaal verschillende doelgroepen te boeien, en beide kampen kan overtuigen tot de aanschaf van, uiteindelijk, een en hetzelfde boek.

Ik vond hem! Josh Pachter, is zijn naam. Hij heeft het allemaal. Mijn perfect match om van Dizzy Me, de English editie, een bestseller te maken!
Josh heeft me echt verrast; in de manier waarop hij de lead nam in dit creatieve proces en vooral hoe hij vanaf dag 1 bijna letterlijk in mijn huid kroop, om de echte ik achter Dizzy Me zo perfect mogelijk weer te geven, en zo deed hij het trouwens voor elk personage van mijn boek.
Hij deed dit niet alleen met passie en vuur, hij deed het ook met een extreem professionalisme, oog voor elk detail & volledig aangepast aan de Engelstalige markt. Josh heeft mijn humor met talent en feeling vertaald, met alle respect voor mijn persoonlijke stijl en tone of voice en ook helemaal in het ritme van de originele tekst. Het resultaat? Zoveel meer dan de vertaling die ik vroeg. Josh voelt gewoon achter elk woord wat ik precies bedoel.

Een andere auteur beschrijft zijn werk: "His translations capture so many subtle nuances of tone and the prose seems so natural that the reader can hardly believe the words didn’t come directly from the original author’s pen."
De nagel op de kop! En haast griezelig, eens je die Engelse versie onder de ogen krijgt. Alsof ikzelf in zijn pen was gekropen!

Dank je voor alles Josh

Tania Stadsbader - Author Dizzy Me


Dizzy Me: a Flemish must-read book on vestibular disorders, will soon have its English edition. This scientific - but in the meantime fiction style written - book educates and empowers both doctors and patients, based on valuable knowledge, but in a language that any person could understand.

The most challenging job? Finding a translator/writer with experience in medical issues and the writer's gift for fiction style texts... With the talent to write for two completely different reader groups who would have to buy that one same book.
I found Josh Pachter, equipped with both. He was my perfect match to make Dizzy Me, the English edition, a success!

I was surprised how he took the lead in our creative process and how he immediately got into the skin of the real life person behind Dizzy Me. Just as he did the maximum to get to know every personage of my book.
With passion for what he does, extreme professionalism, eye for details & English-language market, and the talent to handle all my jokes and respect my tone of voice and rhythm. He definitely does more than simply translate an author’s words: he feels them perfectly.

Another author describes his work: "His translations capture so many subtle nuances of tone and the prose seems so natural that the reader can hardly believe the words didn’t come directly from the original author’s pen."
So true! Almost scary when I read the result. As if it was me who did that job!

Thanks Josh

Tania Stadsbader - Author Dizzy Me
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Book reviews

"This book is unique.  It highlights the patient experience and presents current medical insight into the workings of the vestibular system.  It reveals how radically a balance disorder can impact a patient's daily life, and also shows how challenging it can be to diagnose and understand disruptions of the vestibular system.  Dizzy Me brings patients, scientists and ENT doctors together.  As a professor of ear, nose and throat illnesses with significant interest in hearing and balance disorders, I'm very pleased to see this book, with its 'well balanced' approach."

Professor Paul Van de Heyning, ENT doctor, Belgium

"A colleague recommended this book to me.  I'm a doctor, and I've been wrestling for 13 years with my own vestibular issues and their effect on my quality of life, my environment, and my work.  The search for proper diagnosis and effective treatment can be frustrating.  I recommend Dizzy Me to patients, therapists and doctors who want greater insight into the challenges of living with a vestibular disorder."

David De Keukeleire, MD, Belgium

"Dizziness is scary but not such a terrible thing.  That's the way it generally looks to outsiders.  For those who are subject to regular attacks, though, it can be a torment.  Dizzy Me brings personal experience and scientific expertise together in a single volume.  Tania Stadsbader's story is compelling, and Floris Wuyts adds invaluable scientific knowledge."

Marleen Finoulst, editor-in-chief of BodyTalk, Belgium

"With its striking and completely original style, Dizzy Me captures the physical and emotional pain of an incorrectly diagnosed BPPV patient.  The concept of painting a complete picture of an illness by combining a patient's detailed autobiographical history (the questions) with the most up-to-date medical insights (the answers) works extraordinarily well, making this volume required reading for anyone who is interested in balance disorders."

Kris De Bolle, reader, Belgium

"This is a remarkable book.  The section written by a patient impresses the scientist with its accuracy, while the vestibular expert's contribution will add significantly to a hobbyist's knowledge.  Dizzy Me brings patients and scientists together.  As a doctor with 30 years' experience treating vertigo and great interest in therapeutic possibilities for those with compromised oculo-vestibular systems and visual vertigo, I'm looking forward eagerly to the English edition of the book.  It will acquaint people around the world with a more 'balanced' approach to the vestibular system."

Dr. Eric Vente, Utermohlen Foundation, The Netherlands

"I read this attractive and clearly written book with great interest.  It's helped me to better understand the world in which our daughter Willemijn unfortunately lives.  I recommend it to doctors, patients, and especially to those with personal connections to the afflicted."

Menno De Vries, father of a patient and Dizzy Me Magic Investor, The Netherlands

"This book gives me - an 87-year-old mother - hope and peace.  Until now, all I could do was look on as the doctors failed to understand what was happening to my daughter.  This went on for 40 years, and produced major negative consequences in her life.  Perhaps the knowledge contained in Dizzy Me will help keep others in the future from suffering a similar fate.  If only doctors continue to learn...."

Miep Hermans - Van Helden, mother of a patient and Dizzy Me Magic Investor, The Netherlands

"What may appear at first glance as yet another patient's autobiographical rendering of personal anecdotes and misdiagnosis is in fact a fascinating and often witty recollection of a real determination and struggle; to be acknowledged, to be taken seriously, to be cured! The balance between the diary-like storytelling and the scientific elaboration of professor Floris Wuyts on canal plugging and topics related to the subject of vertigo will no doubt bring hope and new insight to a lot of people."

Françoise Druguet, reader, Belgium

“Good training in balance conditions is essential to ensure appropriate and timely treatment for each individual patient. This book will help further the understanding of these conditions for patients and professionals alike.”

Polly Moyer, e-patient campaigning for MdDS UK

“This is a tremendous compendium on the topic. A must for patients, doctors, therapists and everyone who needs in-depth information.”

Roel Bruylandt, kinesthesiologist Belgium
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