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Expertise exchange! (september 2016)

Margaret Sharpe, Director & Principal
- Senior Consultant Vestibular Physiotherapist  (Certified APTA) - APA Titled Neurological Physiotherapist @ Dizziness & Balance Disorders Centre in Adelaide, Australia visited the Aurea lab in Antwerp.

She visited the Aurea lab to exchange expertise and vision on treatment of MdDS (and learn from the Aurea approach and trial) and VID (visual induced vertigo, visual vertigo) and to follow a few patient consults.

- the MdDS room (trial) with chair and patterns on the wall. While these patterns move the patients head gets bended over at L and R following the rhythm of a metronome. Wuyts went to New York to prepare for this trial (free with no fee to be paid by patients): 240 people with 81% positive result! Strange attraction park feeling but this seems to work as a sort of reset button.

- the 'optokinetic wheel', another trial for treatment of VID. Black circle on feet with white spots. For this trial Wuyts went to London, and made the wheel  inhouse. The wheel turns at precise speed - driven by a motor - with the lights off. The eyes must focus on the spot in the middle. More exercises are doing this while walking forward and backward and on a cushion. I did it on high heels .

- the rotating chair for unilateral centrifugationtest. To test (a small part of) patients for utriculus problems.

After a Wall of Fame intermezzo we had a wonderful evening together and good discussion. And sure both learned from each other, by exchanging their vision and best practices and concerns.

Glad I brought them together.
You see? Being an empowered patient doesn't mean we are scaring professionals. They honestly even encourage us to move forward. 'Please don't stop doing this', Sharpe even said!

Does this inspire you to try to bring together two professionals? Please try it out! It's a win-win for all of us.

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